Thursday, July 08, 2010

An egg cup full of paint and a mile of masking tape

Yes I've been cheating at signwriting again. Now the HERBIE sign is complete on both sides of the boat and I'm fairly pleased with it. No artistry involved and not much brush skill, just a lot of planning and thought and a great deal of masking tape.

My long term plan is to have another line beneath, in smaller plain block capitals "GRAND UNION CANAL". I need to do some more planning for that. I'm sometimes tempted to make it "GRAND ONION CANAL" as I sometoimes jest to Jacob that the canal was built to supply onions from the midlands to London. I suspect I could persuade the odd passer by that this was so.

I did do a bit of freehand writing yesterday, putting our registration number on the boat side.

This was extermely hard and I'm not all that pleased with it. Using white spirit I rubbed out and restarted the "Reg" several times. Also my recommendation to anyone buying a boat is to choose one with a registration number containing only numbers like 1, 7 and 4. Painting two supposedly identical 6's side by side proved a trial. While you're at it, choose a name like AXE, then signwriting would be a breeze.


Amy said...

Phil Speight seems also to agree with you re Grand Onion:

Neil Corbett said...

hee hee, if Phil Speight says so it must be right, now I'm even more tempted.

Vallypee said...

Looks pretty good to me!

Tom Fulep said...

I have recently completed a two day sign writing with Meg Gregory in Wolverhampton. As an artist, I thought it would be pretty easy. Not so. And like you say, two letters or numbers the same (especially together) are a nightmare. Must admit though, I just can't work with masking tape.

Tom Fulep
Land lubber with a dream.