Monday, June 18, 2012

Reservoir Figures Latest



Just what the doctor ordered.  As Herbie prepares to set off towards the GU tomorrow, BW has published its figures for reservoir holdings through May and it will come as no surprise that things are looking pretty good on the whole.  The big relief is that the GU South has leapt from 60% to 90%. This must mean that the reservoirs at Marsworth have filled up at last.

The K&A is still doing strange things. I wish I knew why it seems so erratic.

We’re more interested in the GU North and the Oxford/ GU section as we are headed that way.  Please can it stop raining now?

We have masses of locks to do on the way to Stratford upon Avon, but we are only going as far as Braunston for the first week and we have extra crew to help on that bit as Grace is coming with us.  You can’t beat a bit of child labour.  She’s not much good on locks but she’s a demon in the galley.  I won’t have to wash up all week.

If you see us in Braunston give us a shout or drop by.


Halfie said...

Will you be at Braunston this Sunday? I'm calling in (by car).

Herbie Neil said...

Yes we'll look out for you