Saturday, May 18, 2013

Crick show offer to Herbie readers

Boats that don't normally belong in our part of the marina were beginning to appear in our row last week, and more and more empty pontoons were appearing at the other end. Yes they're clearing the decks for the Crick show next weekend. Our usually peaceful marina with everything in its proper place will become a log jam of boats. Our usual car park will be full of exhibitor stands and the adjacent field will be a whole village of marquees. All those fancy new boats will be arriving this week and the marquees will be going up. Will there be another purple and yellow boat with white gunnels to admire? Well you never know I suppose.

As compensation for the disruption, we Crick moorers benefit from free entry to the show so of course we'll be there. Crick show is a good place for meeting boating friends so look us out. We can't spend the whole three days looking at the exhibits so it would be nice to do a bit of entertaining aboard our vessel. Should you spot us strolling about or in the bar then we have a special offer for you. All you have to do is to approach us and say "You are the Herbies and I claim my cup of tea and piece of cake" and your request may well be granted, (although not necessarily at that instant). Provided of course you haven't mistaken someone else for us. (That would be a fun conversation.) If you have never been aboard Herbie you can come and marvel at what what an ordinary little boat she is.

Meanwhile there is the small matter of our annual visit to the Cambridge beer festival to get out of the way.

It's a hard life.


Anonymous said...

Sorry we can't be there - though I'm hoping that the "tea and cake" offer will be extended!

Crick is funny because no-one recognises us, but people would come up and say "hello Blue/Lou/Lyns (as applicable)!" :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Vallypee said...

One day I'll do that. It would be really great to claim tea and cake, but it might not be at the Crick festival. How long does the offer last ? :-)

Neil Corbett said...

Sue and Val
In your cases we'll extend the offer indefinitely, providing we have any tea. And cake.

Halfie said...

We look forward to claiming our tea and cake. All we have to do is spot you among the hordes ...

Vallypee said...

I'll bring the cake - it's a Dutch tradition :-)