Monday, May 06, 2013

Evening cruising

Well who'd a thunk it?! An English bank holiday with lovely weather. The crowds had diminished somewhat at long Itchington beer festival today but there were still plenty of people sitting on the green supping ales and listening to the music. Yesterday we found the pretty way from the canal to the village and used it again today. I feel I ought to write a boaters guide to LI now that we have got the hang of the place.

We decided to hang around until 4pm before launching our assault on the 10 locks above the village. This proved to be a Good Idea and it was so pleasant in the warm early evening that we pressed on further than planned to our current mooring. I bet someone out there can tell from the profile of the canal bank in the photo below exactly where we are.

Maybe it was just the fine weather and the spring blossom, but we began to realise just what an attractive flight of locks the Stockton locks are. A sort of mini Hatton, but in more attractive surroundings.

We could no doubt get all the way back to Crick tomorrow, but if the weather stays fine, why rush?


Adam said...

You're just round the corner at Wigram's Turn.

Must have told you my favourite bit of trivia about that shared Oxford/GU section? Boats travelling south on the Oxford go the opposite way to boats travelling south on the GU.

Vallypee said...

Lovely! Your photo says it all A gorgeous, tranquil May evening on a quiet canal. What more could you want?