Monday, August 12, 2013

A Dandy time in the hills with swallows and a castle

Aaah, I was so humbled to find that while the Herbie blog has been in it’s summer recess, 40 or more people had been visiting the site every day only to find that I had written zilch.  Sorry folks but we’ve been on hols, temporarily exchanging dear old Herbie, for dear even older Dandy our trusty camping trailer.  Here we are at our favourite camp site at Little Stretton in the Shropshire hills.




We’ve been here so many times, it’s like home from home.  The countryside is some of the best in England and much quieter than better known places, and the walking is fab.


I managed to get one or two interesting photos including these of swallows feeding their young in the rafters of nearby Stokesay castle




and I had a go at stitching together a panoramic shot (all the rage these days) of the castle itself , although the main building has got a bit bent in the process!


Anyhow after a very refreshing break, we’re back, and if things go according to plan we may get out for a short trip on Herbie next week.

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Vallypee said...

So glad to see you back here, Neil! Shropshire looks just gorgeous! If the weather's good, there is nowhere more beautiful than the UK. I haven't been camping for years (well you often don't when you live a sort of camping lifestyle anyway :-)) but I've always enjoyed it.