Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Want to buy a very nice boat?

If you wanted to write the formula for the most popular type of narrowboat, you could do a lot worse than specifying a 58ft Jonathan Wilson shell with a Beta engine. Add all the bells and whistles of Led lights and solar panels and all that guff, and a Pullman dinette and a decent paint job all at a very fair price and you have what a lot of people are looking for.

Well that's just the description of the boat that Terry, the well known lock keeper at the Watford flight is selling. We happened to mention to him today that we noticed that he had it up for sale and he gave us a guided tour. We loved it. I suppose it's a bit of a marmite boat in that the interior decor is very trad with lots of brass lamps and traditional decoration and lace and all that. it wouldn't suit the feng shui brigade, but for anyone that cosy traditional interior it would be extremely appealing. Had it had an 'old' engine we would have bitten his hand off. Terry has got his eyes on a smart tug which is why he is selling.

Take a look at the details on Apollo Duck, there are good photos of the interior and you'll see what I mean about the decor.


This has been my first outfit with my new camera lens. I'm not sure how well the pictures will come if I post them via my iPad as here but I think they'll come up great once I get them on a "proper" screen at home. Let's see how this one comes out

Here's one of Kath chatting up Terry.



Halfie said...

I like the compass points round the porthole.

Vallypee said...

It's a lovely boat! I would definitely go for this kind of traditional boat if I had the money.

Olivia Taylor said...

Shoot! The photos are no longer available. Anyway, I could imagine how beautiful it is from your description. I am such a geek for old things! I still wish that I see the photos.