Monday, August 19, 2013

Splooshing in the middle of the night

Tonight we're out in the sticks somewhere near Yelvertoft. Just a short break to take out Grace, who has been nagging us to take her out on the boat during the school holidays. Last time we were here a strange thing happened. Sometime in the middle of the night we heard a mighty sloshing and splooshing outside the boat. In my half awake state I at first thought it was a passing canoeist, but even canoeists aren't mad enough to be out at that time. Whatever it was, it was large and aquatic. Our thoughts turned to a large pike, or maybe a carp or two.


It was only some months later that we learned that there was a resident family of otters around Yelvertoft. Apparently they have been seen on a number of occasions. I suppose in the circumstances that might be the best explanation for the nocturnal splooshing. Anyway as we are in virtually the same spot tonight, I shall be sleeping with one ear open and a camera to hand, although I dare say that by the time I have stumbled out of bed, stubbed my toe in the dark and clambered outside fumbling with the camera dials and rocking the boat, any self respecting otter would be long gone.

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