Sunday, October 27, 2013

Batten down the hatches

It's alright for you normal people. This morning I had to reset our clocks on Herbie for GMT. All you have to do is to winde them back one hour, whereas I have to set them back fifty pounds per square inch.

We await the storm predicted by the met office, and the wind is already building fast. Trust us to be moored up in probably the windiest spot in the notoriously windy(even on a good day) Paddington basin.

What is worse, the only spot we could find doesn't have a mooring ring behind the boat, so we are tied up with a front rope and a motley collection of rope work on a mooring ring ten feet from the back

Sometime in the early hours of this morning I lay abed thinking of some way to better anchor the boat low down rather than on just the roof. It's not perfect, but here is what I came up with.

That rope leading off to the left disappears into the deck drain hole. The rope goes right across the drain and out of a similar hole on the other side of the boat, then goes back onto the port side rear dolly. The vertical rope goes to a cleat on the hand rail. Cool eh?

The reason I wanted an anchor point low down was that last night when we were tied up to the roof only at the rear of the boat, the wind was trying to tip the boat over, which was disconcerting to say the least.

If we're still afloat tomorrow morning, it will have worked. If not, it should make for an interesting blog post.



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Leo No2 said...

If you don't blog tomorrow I shall either assume you out too much pressure in the clock! Or I will send the the divers to search! Have a safe night and sleep tight.