Friday, October 25, 2013


Were back on what we think of as our patch, after three years away. This morning we left Rickmansworth and plugged on southwards past the lovely wide stretch down to coppermill and black jacks locks. The water here is clear and deep and the boat goes wonderfully. All very pretty, even the bit past the "stink hole" by the sewage works, which to day had no perfume at all. This end of the GU is little cruised and we think highly under valued. The volunteer lockies at Cowley lock were pleased to see us as we were only the fourth boat to come through today.

It is also my new patch as a towpath ranger, although I have yet to commence my duties. Already I am spotting good places to put up my signs asking cyclists to slow down and give consideration to walkers on the towpath.

Yesterday was just glorious. I don't think the corn was as high as an elephant's eye, but there was a bright golden haze on the medder, and everyone was saying oh what a beautiful morning. We have made great progress since yesterday morning, travelling from Apsley to the Black Horse at Greenford. The only problem about mooring here overnight is that you are driven mad by the delicious smell from the samosa factory fifty yards away .

Radio 4 is talking about very high winds on Sunday night. Oooh er. We expect to be in Paddington basin which is windy enough on normal days. We lost our life ring there one night years ago. I think we'll take anything moveable off the roof. The plan is to stay there for a few days city break before we return to take up our winter mooring down the old Slough Arm.

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