Monday, October 28, 2013

Battered but unbowed.

Well, the storm arrived bang on cue. Well done Met Office, you said it would peak at about 5 am and it did. Big waves were sloshing along the side of the boat and the gusts rocked us while the ropes groaned and creaked where they crossed the edge of the roof. But we survived, totally unscathed. Had we not been warned I guess we would have lost a number of items from the roof, but I had stowed them all away, and to save the solar panel I laid a bag of coal on it so that was going nowhere.

Now we're bracing ourselves for the next onslaught, the arrival of daughter Claire and the kids plus the chihuahua Lola for a couple of days. Herbie is not a big boat for three adults, a large teenager, a six year old and a dog, but I dare say we'll survive.

Today we went down to Denmark street to get a couple of bits for my new second hand guitar. Some new strings and a tiny amplifier that plugs into the guitar and you plug headphones into it. Amazingly good. If you don't like guitars don't go to Denmark street. If you do, it's an absolute Mecca. I didn't count of course but there must be a thousand guitars in sale in a space of a hundred yards. I was lucky to escape without one.


Jacquie said...

Hello Kath, thanks for writing me a message. Yes it has been sad, and I'm trying to be fair to both of us. It was painful writing that post, but like you, and most people I imagine, we have all been through break ups, it was just made harder by being stranded and a bit hopeless at the practical boating stuff. And I refuse to be defeated, nothing was going to stop me carrying on, I'd have hated being in bricks and mortar again, my boat is my sanctuary. I see your blog is up to date ( I'm nearly getting there ) and in Paddington too, how fantasic, I loved my time there. I think the gales by passed me, I am at Rowington, and just moved the boat along away from any falling trees. Enjoy your family visit. I won't post your comment, as I thought it was personal. Have fun Jacquie

Vallypee said...

Hi Neil, I've just been catching up with all your posts. I didn't realise I'd missed so many! it has indeed been a 'weathery' week and yesterday's storm was the culmination. We had it pretty badly this side too. Lots of damage (thankfully, only of minor varieties to mine), but it was pretty scary at times. I know Paddington Basin and remember it always being breezy to say the least. So glad you survived. By the way, you rainbow photo is magnificent!

Vallypee said...

PS Now I'm also curious as to who will predominate morph wise - Knoffler or Marvin? :-)