Saturday, October 05, 2013

Market Harborough


Market Harborough basin. We're moored just outside tonight, thus avoiding the ignominy of having to pay a tenner to stay on a pontoon. This is our first visit to MH by water and I hope it won't be our last. We like it. The few miles of canal between here and Foxton are very pleasant, and the town itself is very sweet. Unusually for a small town, there are no empty shops and the town centre is buzzing. Maybe it's because it's quite a long way to the nearest big towns, Northampton and Leicester.

The house opposite where we are moored is up for sale. We didn't need to look too hard to realise that we couldn't afford to buy it. Not with their extensive lawns and weeping willows by the waterside.

Last night we moored at the bottom of Foxton locks and we felt obliged to pay a visit to the little Bridge 61 pub. Quite a pleasant duty as they sell the lovely Inclined Plane ale which has a lovely floral bouquet.

When we arrived at the top of the locks, the lock keeper seemed overjoyed to see us. Apparently no boats had arrived for some time and he was being pestered by Gongoozlers wanting to see a boat go up or down. Some had come all the way from New Zealand. Naturally we were happy to oblige and never have I done ten locks with so little work. People were queuing up to push the lock gates.

Even though we are now well in to October, the canal is teeming with life. Over the last couple of days we have seen three kingfishers, numerous dragonflies and a grass snake swimming along. As for the hedgerows, they have the best crop of rose hips, haws, blackberries and sloes I have ever seen.

So our autumn cruise is off to a good start. We'll stop another day here and then begin our trek South.



nb Chance said...

Hi Kath and Neil, we realised after we left Crick that we only just missed you after reading your blog, back on our way to London now, hope we see you next time xx

Adam said...

If you've got time, you could always go a bit further north from Foxton. When we came down to Foxton last month, we saw loads of fantastic moorings on that stretch, such as by the aqueduct. If only we'd had time to stop! Not sure about winding holes up there, but worth the diversion.

Vallypee said...

Market Harborough looks lovely in your photos, Neil. I hope the rest of your trip south is as mild and enjoyable!