Saturday, November 23, 2013

Herbie Awards - a surprise winner

Well whoodathunkit?  I was all set to award the prize for best destination to one place, and then a comment changed my mind.  It just goes to show I do value your input although the final decision is ours.  If you remember we were choosing the best place to head for for its own sake (within the limits of Herbie’s travels this year).

We were very taken with our visit to Market Harborough this year and it is a true destination venue worthy of repeated visits, but a sentence for Sue(NP) swayed us.  She wrote “Oh it has to be Paddington! Our capital city's best moorings and not just a pitiful 24/48 hours to spend in London a whole 7 days!” and we had to admit she is right.  Good clean safe moorings in an ideal spot, handy for train, tube and bus, and it has that cute curl up bridge.

Not only that, it is a place you can return to time after time and still find plenty to do and see. As the old saying goes, he who is tired of London is tired of life. 

So the Herbie Award for Best destination 2013 goes to Paddington Basin.



  P1030117_edited-1  rolling bridge 016_edited-1

Now I feel guilty about Market Harborough.  Naturally it gets a Highly Commended.

As to Stratford, Worcester and Tewkesbury, they’re all good too. I would like to revisit all of them.

Next time, how about an award for this years Most Useful Narrowboaters Gadget.


Paul and El said...

Totally agree, Paddington and London were fantastic, could have spent a lot longer than the 3 weeks that we squeezed in this summer.

Anonymous said...

Can't argue with that selection - it is a unique mooring - now if they could just put in a little dog park it would be perfect :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Sue said...

I need to catch up after this weekend but....


Vallypee said...

Well as it's the only one I know well, and also love, I cannot disagree :-) Well done, Paddington!