Thursday, November 14, 2013

Its not just us

I spent the day in Pompey yesterday and took my usual stroll round Camber Dock in Old Portsmouth. There’s always something to see there. I took a few pictures to remind us that our sea going friends have to put up with some of the same things we do on the canals.

No mooring signs


Smoky Boat engines


and our old friend the supermarket trolley


Also have you noticed how ships are ship shaped any more? Some of them are just like floating boxes and don’t appear to have any bow at all..  This ferry actually isn’t too bad but still not what I call ship shaped.


IMG_3278_edited-1of course under the water they have all sorts of clever profiles. That ferry might look ungainly but look at the proboscis under the water at the bow:


you won’t see that on a narrowboat.

PS thanks for the comments on my recent posts about litigation for authors. Its all a bit academic really as I would be most surprised if more than half a dozen people could be persuaded to read it if I ever get it finished.  Now on 50,869 words.  Only 29,131 to go and i haven’t got a clue what’s going to happen next.

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Sue said...

Enjoyed that blog I did!

I remember when I was errrrrr very young going round to the camber to scrounge bananas off the boats as they came in.. As they unloaded them lots were dropped on the deck and kids used to run in a pick them up.. I was one of those kids!

The picture with the little lad in red could have been taken all those years ago, that is exactly what it looked like!

Thanks for the trip down memory land xx