Thursday, December 18, 2014

Herbie Awards Pub results and quiz results

As the great and the good wait breathlessly to see if it is them who has won the big Herbie Award (keep smiling at the camera, it might be you), I cruelly keep them waiting with the lesser awards.  First there are a couple of things to clear up.  a) the Best Pub for a Drink with Friends, and then b) the answer to that pesky intermission picture quiz that no–one dared answer (shame on you).  So here we go’

All the nominated pubs – see previous post- are worthy of a visit, but on these cold winter nights, I know which one I would rather sit in, and so that gets the award. Yes it’s the big sofas and the log fire of


The Cowroast Inn

(rapturous applause)

I should add that it is not only in mid winter that we have enjoyed this pub as this photo shows.  It was taken at the end of a very hot day in 2005 when we were parched and slaking our mighty thirsts and the pint we had then was just perfect.  I think that was our second pint, the first one didn’t touch the sides as I recall.The picture also features our dear departed pal Pete and a very young Jacob.  Cooh we look hot don’t we?


Now that pesky picture quiz. 

This one

 watering was at Leighton Buzzard just through the bridge by Tescos

This one

[boarder%255B4%255D.jpg] was at the entrance to Paddington basin.  For those who know the area, the aeration bubbles give it away

and the last one

bridge looks down the Slough Arm towards the only canal bridge that I know is numbered bridge 0.  I daresay someone will now tell me of others.

In our next post I’ll tell you of our favourite overnight stop and a little something about the pub nearby.  Done all your Christmas shopping yet?  We’re nearly there.  The family don’t much like the tree we bought Sad smile.

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David said...

Despite being with you at all three locations I didn't identify any of the pesky pictures. What about Adam's special? Did he get it? Rainman.