Monday, December 22, 2014

Shock result–disqualified last year, winner this year in Herbie Awards

You won’t remember this, but last year in a fit of pique I disqualified Paddington basin from winning the Best Urban Mooring award. that was because on a visit there I found the place full of winter moorers and overstayers and commercial boats.  I was hopping mad and there and then stormed down to CRT at Little Venice to complain.  Well after Christmas we made a couple of visits there on Herbie and did manage to get moored up so in retrospect I felt a bit mean.  If you can get your boat in there, it has to be said it’s Fab. Now on sunny days they even have deck chairs


Some days at lunch time they have a hot food market


and of course on Friday at Noon they demonstrate the curl up bridge.  Look, there’s Herbie too.



And if you’re worried about night time safety in the middle of the city, don’t be.


There is plenty to see in the area including this shopping / food amphitheatre where I played with my camera’s panorama.

PANO_20140314_133521 (1)

Next time we go. it’ll be even posher as they have finished to work at the far end.

 So Paddington Basin, I forgive you and this year you have to be

 Best Urban Mooring. 

If I had to award a second place I’d pick one of the spots in Milton Keynes, which although urban don’t feel like that at all.


As to rural moorings, we haven’t used too many this year, but one old favourite keeps cropping up. It’s only an overnight stop, but one which feels like home to us. Every time we go cruising we seem to manage our timing so that we spend our last night here. 

so our favourite rural mooring 2014 has to be

(just up the canal from) Norton Junction

some of you will know just where I mean.

This is not just convenient, being a few short hours from base and a short walk from the New Inn at Buckby (now happily reopened and selling the sometimes wonderful elderflowery Marstons New World Ale).  We like it because of the view across the farmland valley.

Next day to get back to Crick we have a very pretty short cruise and the ever delightful Watford Locks (no I am not joking!).


Well Christmas draws nearer and in a few days we’ll reveal the winners of the Oscar of the canals, our main Herbie Special Award for 2014.  But before that I’ll share a few of our best photos from the year and pick out a couple of this year’s very cheap handy gadgets for boaters.  Stay tuned.

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