Thursday, December 11, 2014

Surprise Award awarded plus an intermission picture quiz

So what did I decide was our Best Cruise on Someone Else’s Boat for 2014? What a tough choice. Could it be Richard and Sue yet again? I think they practically own this award in having won it a couple of times before.  Or should it go to Sarah and Jim for treating us to yet another fun Braunston parade and allowing us to busk in the process?  It almost comes down to a choice of who to disappoint. Well, in the end I’m going to be completely selfish and give the award to

Canal and River Trust

for letting me do the RYA helmsman course on board their work boat Samson

not forgetting Andrew Phasey for teaching us so well

and Clive, Samson’s everyday skipper for being so welcoming and friendly

samson lock 2_edited-1

Forgive me S&J and R&S but it was such a rare treat to spend a day practicing manoeuvres at the wheel of this quirky little vessel and to cap it all the weather was glorious. 

More awards to come, but to allow you time for a comfort break and to recharge your glasses, here’s a little intermission picture quiz about places we have been this year.

1. Herbie takes a drink at what I always think is an odd place for a water point, but where?



2. Where is this?

the clue is in the picture


and if you thought those were too easy, try this one

3. What is the number on the bridge you can see further down the canal?


Clue. If you know the number, you know why I ask. 

If you don’t then perhaps you could just try and identify whereabouts this is.

if you know the answers and want to show off by commenting, then do it cryptically so as not to give it away to others.  I suppose that might offer secondary clues to those struggling.

Answers next time as we rejoin the award ceremony for more nominees.


Vallypee said...

I'm guessing someone will know - I'm afraid I don't, but I've enjoyed the photos!!

Anonymous said...

Ah well, as you know, the disappointment will make us work harder in the future :-)

A worthy winner and our time will come again - even if we have to bundle you onto a secret transport to the frozen north in order to do it ;-)

Sue and the IndigoDreamers