Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Not that sort of Fender Rick

When I asked Rick to hang a fender over the side of the boat, this wasn't quite what I meant!

Rick has form when it comes to losing fenders, but I managed to rescue this one before it came to any harm.

Oh well, Rick and Marilyn are going home tomorrow after a few days helping us on our move southward, so we can have a return to sanity. Tonight we are at Berko, so you might say we have broken the back of the journey. It's literally down hill all the way now and things have gone pretty well really. No one has fallen in and we have all had a jolly time.

Tonight we will all be joined by the legend that is Rain Man for a celebratory meal at Wetherspoons (no expense spared with us as you can see).

I have been very remiss in not keeping a camera about my person, especially on Sunday afternoon when we saw a rare(ish) meteorlogical event in the form of several "fallstreak holes" in the cloud cover. This where a circular or elliptical hole forms in the cloud cover with brush like whisps of falling droplets descending from the hole. Its all to do with ice crystals - quite impressive, especially when you see three or four of them at the same time. Google them if you are interested.

Hmmm, what else can I report? Oh yes, we tried out the Three Locks Pub at Soulbury and we were pleasantly surprised. The food was better than average and you could buy three different ales in third of a pint glasses for ther price of a normal pint. Very useful when you are faced with a number of unfamiliar brews. I would definately go there again.


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David Allum said...

Thanks for a very pleasant evening.
I've just been reading about Fallstreak Holes a.k.a. Canal Clouds - very appropriate in the circumstances.