Friday, October 02, 2015

The Tachomatic Revostat

Rick made us a present for Herbie. We will be testing it out on our trip south which starts tomorrow.

Here it is:

Beautifully hand crafted by the master himself. I fitted it yesterday. Can anyone guess what it is for? The only person who might guess it correctly is Oakie I reckon.


Herbie sits in glorious sunshine out on the canal just outside Crick marina while I wait for Kath to come back tomorrow after taking the car home, when no doubt it'll start raining. Then it's off down south for the winter. When we get there our first port of call will be Rembrandt gardens where we have booked a week's mooring. Then it'll be off back to Iver and our winter mooring ar High Line Yachting.



Unknown said...

Is it to keep a CanalOmeter in the set position in heavy seas?
Hope you can call in on your migration south.

Halfie said...

I think the clue must be in the name. Tachomatic Revostat. "Tacho" and "Rev" says rev counter to me. And "Stat" implies steady or stationary, so I guess it's to do with preventing Herbie's rev counter from wobbling.

Oakie said...

I am a bit late reading this Neil and I succumb to your flattery before reading your next post, which probably reveals all.
I suggest that it is a friction washer to go between the throttle arm and the casing on your Morse control, to stop the throttle spring on the engine gradually slowing down the engine revs as you cruise.