Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Of cloudbursts, curries and Kiwis.

Herbie rests in Stoke Bruerne after a good soaking this morning. The crew are pretty damp too, at least they were before a change of clothes and a sit by the fire. Meanwhile a warming curried store cupboard random concoction (devised and executed by yours truly) of chicken, onions, peppers, apricots and tomatoes sits on the hob to warm our insides later.
- after which we will drag local resident Katherine over to the pub to celebrate / commiserate over the recent sale of her boat Leo to new owners and no doubt to hear her gloat over her team, New Zealand, still being in the rugby wold cup, whilst our lot are out on their ears.
I narrowly escaped a garotting today, during the sharp right hand bend just after the Spiderworks Paint dock where you go under the road bridge. Unexpectedly, a boat came the other way towing a butty on a long line. All three skippers held their nerve and nobody came to grief, but it could have been interesting if our timing had been slightly different.

The Tachomatic Revostat performed a little better today and held us nicely at our cruising speed of 1400 rpm. It still needs a tweak though to hold us steady at other speeds. Nevertheless it held steady for 32 minutes through Blisworth tunnel without adjustment - the only time it didn't rain of course, although it was chilly in there.

Our target for tomorrow is Great Linford where I hope we will find space to tie up.



Halfie said...

Say "hello" to Jubilee as you pass just before the newly-done-up Navigation Inn. We won't be there, unfortunately, having driven home today.

Unknown said...

"Herbie!" has been included in our Sites To See #453. Be assured that we hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.


Vallypee said...

Damp you may have been but you sound cheerful about it, Neil! Your cooking looks scrummy 😄