Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pumpkins and fountains


Well the dark nights are now upon us, but it's still a pretty view across Brownings Pool. We've been baby sitting Grace for 24 hours and just about managed to keep her entertained, teaching her dominoes and card tricks and making a halloween pumpkin.

and yesterday afternoon playing in the new fountain in Paddington Basin

Different parts of it stop spouting at random times so you have to jump in and out of the two rings of spouts when you can. Grace enjoyed it anyway.

The Friday night news review at the Canal Cafe Theatre was nothing short of brilliant and extremely funny. I didn't count but I reckon they must have done a good twenty five sketches in the hour, a number of them having song and dance routines, all very clever parodies and all topical. I don't know how they do it. A tenner or so very well spent. They keep a cracking pint of beer in the pub below, but at four pounds forty five a pint it flippin' well ought to be. Welcome to London prices folks. We'll go over to the Warwick Castle over the canal while we're here and compare prices.

Boats have been coming and going to and from the basin, so it looks like there is a turnover, which is good, and of course it being a sunny Sunday, the tripboats between here and Camden have all been active, coming and going all day. There's always something to watch here.



Vallypee said...

Oh Neil, I'm so envious! How lovely to be able to moor up in the heart of London (where I grew up) and go to a show like that. Just lovely!

Oakie said...

Keep us updated on the Warwick Castle beer prices Neil, as I am considering going to Canny Cavalcade next year.