Friday, February 19, 2016

Crime report

I reported last week on the, I suppose, relatively minor crime of graffiti on CRT signs in Uxbridge. I say minor because worse things have happened by the canal since. While I was at the clean up task force the other day, one of the CRT guys got a call about a car driven into the canal nearby, so he walked off to take a look. It was half in and half out of the canal. Stolen of course by local yoofs no doubt. It'll be craned out at some cost to you and me.

In the same hour, a cyclist stopped to talk to one of the WPCs in our work party. Apparently just along the towpath he had been accosted by a man demanding he handed over his phone. Luckily, the intended victim wasn't the kind to be scared so he told the would be thief to bugger off.

Sadly I have also learned that a boater on the Regents Canal wasn't so lucky a couple of days ago. He was returning from dropping off his rubbish at Old Ford Lock when he was set upon by three oiks who gave him quite a beating to steal his phone. He suffered broken ribs and a messed up face. When he got back to his boat after several hours in A&E, his bike had been stolen.

Be careful out there, but don't blame the canal. These things can happen anywhere, and for most of us they never do.

PS While we're on the subject of crime, my book has been downloaded from Amazon at the incredible rate of three copies per hour today!! As you have probably guessed we have come round to another five days when people can get it for free. Some people will have any old rubbish as long as it's free. If I have any blog readers left who might like it but haven't yet got it, now's yer chance. To find it, you can Google Amazon Herbie Neil. You can even read the first umpteen pages right there without downloading or having an Amazon account.

The next book is now up to 31,000 words. One of the is Marmite, which is probably a metaphor for the book.


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Vallypee said...

I'm amazed that people will commit violence fot a phone, Neil! We used to have that in South Africa...