Sunday, October 02, 2016

Many a slip. Man overboard.

Did you ever see that episode of The Likely Lads where they spent all day avoiding televisions so as not to see the football results before they watched a match? Well that was us today, except these days we have to avoid radio, tv, emails, and Internet notifications in order not to see the result of the Grand Prix which was being shown at five o'clock.

We headed out into the sticks south of Banbury searching for a spot with TV reception and eventually rested just opposite The Pig Place near Nell Bridge where the lady told us just where to tie up to get a signal. A few yards in either direction would have been sufficient to lose us the signal!

Switching on the internet after the race, we now discover that we have missed the chance to meet Marilyn and David from NB Waka Huia in Banbury. Bah! Very sorry folks. One day . . .

Anyhow it was a lovely day weather wise, which was nice for the crowds going to the Banbury canal day, which we had already decided not to attend this year, although we've enjoyed it in the past.

Friday night saw us in the ReineDeer again, this time with Maffi and Oakie and a real surprise -Gordon and Ann. Gordon is a real old friend of ours, going back well over forty years. He even came to my stag night all those years ago. If I recall correctly he was secretly spiking my beer with double vodkas. I wondered why I was getting drunk so quickly. Anyhow he now's lives in darkest Lancashire so we hadn't seen him in a long time.

They were on a Napton hire boat and just happened to be passing through. In fact we discovered later they were moored just yards from us. Poor Gordon has been through the wars this week. First he fell badly in the boat's well deck and bruised his back so badly that when he was in pain in the Great Western at Aynho, the pub staff called out an ambulance for him. He was taken to Banbury for a checkup, but other than bruising he was OK. Then when they got to Banbury on the boat Gordon slipped off the gunnels and fell in the canal, going right under the water, until he stood up of course, then it was only up to his chest. It took four people to haul him out! Interestingly, he declared that the water was quite warm:-)



Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Sorry we missed you, Neil and Kath. However you cannot hide forever ...

We'll be back next year on board Waka Huia and are greatly looking forward to it.

It was lovely seeing Ann and Keith yesterday and made us miss the boating lots.

Cheers, M

Vallypee said...

What a blessing the canals are so shallow! I'm glad your friend was okay though. With his bad back, he might not have stood up so easily!