Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Grave humour interrupts Herbie Awards + plus a boat licence question?

Before we get to the Best Crew Members  and all that stuff, I thought  I might share with you a sight that managed to coax a smile out of me even in this dark days of winter /Covid/Brexit etc etc. In the graveyard behind our house I spotted this tombstone  of the unfortunate Mr Pierre Cartal.

I pass no comment and leave you to make up your own. It cheered me up anyhow.

Moving on swiftly, I have a question.

Earlier this year I remember reading that CRT was going to grant a licence extension of a month(?) because of the canals being shut in the spring.  Have I got that right?Does anyone know how they are doing this.? Our licence is due at the end of December.  Will they defer the demand until the end of January?  I can't see anything of the CRT website.  Any info gratefully received.

Herbie Awards approach their thrilling end soon.  Who will be best guest crew member?  Plus, in this Covid year, what is the Best Thing That Happened Because of Covid?


Pip and Mick said...

Hi Neil
Our licence was due to expire on 31st March 2021. It will now expire on 30 April 2021. They have basically extended everyone's licence by a calendar month. In our case it was automatic, presumably it will be for you too.

NB Oleanna

NB Holderness said...

Hi There,
Just looked up Pierre Cartal. It seems that he was the Chef for the Marquis of Downshire at Easthampstead Park. He was second in the list of 28 servants, not an alphabetical list, so must have been the main chef. He was from Lyon in France and first came to England in 1842, arriving in London from Boulogne on the 'Harlequin'.

Herbie Neil said...

Thanks for all the info folks. Good stuff.


Oakie said...

Ahah! Attended many a dance at Easthampstead Park when it was a teacher training college way back in the 1950's. In fact I met my future wife there and we were married for over 40yrs until she also departed this life in 2001.

Herbie Neil said...

Ray, EP is just about to reopen as a posh hotel. I too used to go there for the odd course or meeting when I worked for the Royal County, and I've been there for a few weddings in recent years. A few of the Downshire family are buried over our back hedge. I bet they turned in their graves when we showed up.

Happy Christmas