Monday, December 21, 2020

Picture Quiz - Where's Herbie?

 How about a little quiz to cheer us up? Everybody likes a picture quiz. Let's do a Where's Wally Herbie.  Over the fifteen years we've been the lucky owners of Herbie, we've been to quite a few places.  How many of them can you recognise.  I haven't picked easy ones, except perhaps the first.  Click 'em up big if it helps.

1. From 2017 Don't let that shaft of sunlight distract you.  The easy clue is in the picture.

2. Also for 2017.  A lofty mooring, but where?

3. Now 2015 There's Herbie across the canal from a pub with cheap grub

4. Back to 2013 and we're moored near a lock close to which famous town?

5. 2012 now and we're moored(not for the first time) in a very popular spot

6. In 2011 we were lucky to find this mooring vacant in another famous town

7. Also 2011 but a long long way from the above.  A secure visitor mooring in a city

8. 2010 and we sit below a distinctive looking lock in which historic town?

9. 2007 found us passing under this high bridge just outside which town?

10 last but not least, we go all the way back to 2006 and here's our old friend Rob steering us past where?

I wonder if anyone can get them all.  If you do, it must be because you've been about a bit because there are four different rivers and four canals represented here.


David said...

I can only identify two photos.
6 Windsor
10 Harefield Marina
Happy Christmas and a Better New Year

Carol said...

Same as David's comment above! We've been to the pub in one of the pictures but can't remember where it is!
Hope you both have a lovely Christmas and a healthy new year. Love to you both xx

Davidss said...

From a person less travelled :
1. Without recognising the canal scene, a 'radio' mast is always associated in my mind with Rugby / Hillmorton.
4. The canal scene I recall as below Stone, although the reference to a 'famous town' threw me a little, but in canal speak I suppose it is, for the boatyard, the takeaway a short walk from the canal, and the pub by the lock.

Best Wishes, another David!

nb Chuffed said...

We're fairly certain 1 is the summit level on the South Oxford around bridge 130, and 5 is Thrupp near the Boat Inn. 2 we thought is on the Shroppie (as you are not exactly tucked to the bank) - is it Market Drayton? Is 3 opposite the Rose in Ansty (when the garden was not looking so decrepit), and 4 could be the Avon near Stratford?
The rest we didn't really recognise, we wondered about Gloucester and Leicester for 6 and 7 but the buildings are wrong.
A diverting exercise, good fun, thanks!
Keep safe, and roll on those vaccinations
Happy Christmas
Debby and Dave

Vallypee said...

Well, I don't have a clue about any of them, but the pictures are lovely, Neil. Wishing you and Kath a lovely Christmas from here in NL!

Richard said...

4. Looks like tha Avon at Stratford
6 the severn at Newark
9 The weaver at Northwich