Thursday, August 30, 2007


While we were visiting the IWA festival last weekend we cadged a free bed with our son Peter at Cambridge. Apart from our ritual meal at the Castle pub in Castle Street (for my money the best pub in Cambridge) we took a stroll around Jesus lock, which is the limit of navigation for narrowboats on the Cam. I particularly like the way the balance beams curve up and over from the top of the gates. I haven't seen any others like it as far as I recall.

Also interesting was the windlass padlocked to the paddle gear. All you need is the combination number to free it for use.

Last year there was a lot of hoohaa about a threat to do away with the visitor moorings, but eventually the Council came to their senses and now there is a nice space for half a dozrn boats just below the lock.

The same rain that caused all the mud at the IWA festival had also raised the level of the Cam and the footpath was flooded here and there. This enterprising young couple found a way to keep their feet dry, but their dogs weren't so lucky!

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dhutch said...

Whats so special about the locked windlass? Is it larger than most? Where does one get the number?