Monday, August 27, 2007

Sunshine and mud at the IWA festival

We had a great couple of days at the IWA festival at St Ives (the Cambridgeshire one) this weekend. However, despite the best two days of weather this year, the festival site was a quagmire. On top of the wet summer, St Ives had had a week of heavy rain before the sun came out, and with all the vehicles delivering stands and equipment on site, this was the result on Saturday morning.
However it did dry up a bit and they did their best to lay down paths of wood chip etc and everyone had a great time. Stallholders I spoke to seemed to be pleased with the trade they were getting. We spent a fair bit, and came away with ideas to spend a whole lot more, although no doubt a cooling off period may bring us to our senses!

The riverside was busy with people viewing new boats as well as with visitors and passers by.

Perhaps the most unusual thing we saw was this mobile belfry! I suppose all festival like to ring the changes from time to time:-). ( Sorry.)

Kath and I each attended a workshop. She did cabin crochet (results in a later blog I hope), and I made a rope side fender. Far from perfect but OK for starters. I'm going to make some more - practice makes perfect.

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