Monday, November 10, 2008

First award awarded - Best Overnight Mooring

After due deliberation, the 2008 Herbie Award for Best Overnight Mooring* goes to (drum roll while golden envelope is opened) - Hertford Visitor moorings. Loud applause.

I suspect Andrew on Granny Buttons might agree, as he wrote in praise of these moorings (and Hertford) only the other day. Our runner up was Limehouse Basin, which is a great play to stop over because of the surounding history and geography, but mooring up against a wall two feet higher than the boat, precludes bankside picnics etc. What is more, at Limehouse you are only supposed to stay for 24hrs (although a friendly word with the lockies will often secure an extension).

At Hertford, on the other hand you can stay for (I think) a fortnight, the grassy bank is well kept and has good mooring bollards. The river itself is very clear and the abundant ribbon weed looks pretty waving in the gentle current, and amazingly seems to avoid tangling round the prop. The people on the allotments and the locals out for a stroll along the bank all seem relaxed and sociable, and the nearby town centre still retains independent shops and a bit of character. As to pubs, there is the excellent Old Barge which I can reveal will be a nominee for Best Pub. (coming soon).

Well done Hertford.

*Of course, this applies only to places we have stayed this year.

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