Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Nominations for best overnight stop

Time to consider the first of the 2008 Herbie award nominations - Best Overnight Mooring

What makes a really good overnight mooring stop? Here are some ideas, although a couple are mutually exclusive

Attractive surroundings (whether rural or urban)
Safety and security
Nearby facilities - good shops, pub etc
Other boaters for company
Reverse gongoozling (people watching)
A good bank side to sit out on (no dog poo)
Good walks nearby

I like all these things at different times. Of the places we've stopped this year, favourites that spring to mind are:

Hertford visitor moorings - safe, quiet, but with a couple of other boaters and occasional passers by to chat to, attractive enough, a good grassy bank, a very good pub (the Old Barge) and handy shops

Limehouse basin - safe, spectacular city landscape with lots to look at, interesting walks around dockland, The Grapes pub, handy small shops

Paddington basin (not the Basin itself but just round the corner near the Station)- safe, loads of reverse gongoozling, more pubs and shops than you could shake a stick at, a "patio" to sit on, and easy access to the rest of London on public transport

Just outside Thames lock at the entry to the Wey navigation - like a private garden, safe and quiet, immaculately kept, but nothing much to see.

The bottom of Hanwell flight by the Fox is good but fails the dog poo test
Normally, we'd have had some more rural landscapes to draw on, but this year we seem to have been a bit more urban in our travels. The Stort was rural but no moorings took our fancy to a great degree. I think some spots on the Wey are beautiful, but not many of the really rural bits would make good places to tie up. Small rivers are beautiful, but often not that convenient for stopping.

Any Herbie crew reading this might like to add or respond before the decision is made.

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