Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Winter checks

This weekend we hope to stay on Herbie for a couple of days. Hooray -let's burn some coal.

I don't think we'll be going anywhere but it'll be nice to get some respite from family duties. One thing I will try to do is to check that the plumbing on the boat is as frost protected as we can get it. When we leave the boat we always turn of the water and open all the taps, and drain down the heat exchanger in the gas water heater, but that only offers limited protection.

This time I want to look at the plumbing to and from the hot water tank. Ideally I'd like to be able to drain the tank itself if we ever get a really cold spell. I know there's a drain tap on the floor of the cupboard by the back steps. That is probably the lowest point on the boat so that might do it if it's in the hot water circuit. Even if it is, collecting several gallons of water from a tap an inch off the floor might be fun!

We'll also reinstall our removable secondary double glazing which Roy, the previous owner made. It really works well, especially at eliminating condensation on the windows.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Neil,

I know these links won't work from here but with regards to the secondary double glazing read about our first attempt here

And, the day after:

So it all went wrong at first, (which is per norm for us) but then we got it right 2nd time round & it's still going strong & working great, so I'd recommend it to anyone - brill stuff & I still haven't put my finger thru one yet....