Monday, January 04, 2010

Marsworth in the ice

Today we had cause to visit Marsworth (no Rick, we did not go to Tring brewery, we were meeting Kath's sister!), and after a yummy lunch in the Anglers Retreat, we took a short walk up the canal.

Interestingly the two pictures below (give them a click to see them big) were taken from virtually the same spot and within the same minute, just by facing the other way. One of the reasons we love this spot.

Blimey its cold, and they say it'll get colder. I worry about how Herbie's water tanks and pipes are doing even though I have taken all reasonable precautions. I feel for those folk who live aboard without serviced moorings at this time of year. Just touching the roof handrail can take the skin off your fingers. They can't get to a water point because of the ice, and I don't like to think about where they empty their loo cassettes. Nevertheless as long as they have a stove, they'll be warm enough inside.

We met someone today who has had her boat moored empty at the towpath for several weeks at Marsworth and no-one has tried to move her on. She hadn't thought to drain her water pipes, so I hope her boat is well insulated.


Anonymous said...

Marsworth looks even more lovely in the frost.

My heart goes out to the liveaboards - I think about them every time I turn a tap or flush the loo at home (which I've always taken so much for granted)...

We're running Indigo Dream's heating for an hour and a half every day - hope it's enough - temperatures are set to be ridiculously low. Of course, with the Webasto firing will the batteries last? Roll on the Spring....

Sue, Indigo Dream

Vallypee said...

BEAUTIFUL photos Neil! They look like paintings in that lovely light, but you're right, it is freeeeezing. I thought last winter was bad enough, but this is definitely worse!