Monday, January 24, 2011

Are Heat Holder socks up to the job? Test results.

Our technical test team has now completed preliminary trials of the  Sock Shop Heat Holders 2.3 tog socks we were given for my birthday.  To carry out this scientific investigation we utilised our top laboratory, otherwise known as Narrowboat Herbie.  This state of the art cold feet laboratory has cork tile floors and a specially constructed cool air stream at feet level, cause by the inflow of air from the door vents, drawn in by the oxygen requirements of the solid fuel stove.  So while the boat is often toasty warm, on a cold night it can get a tad nippy round the old toes.

Tests were carried out during three nights last week, when the outside temperature fell to a suitably negative number and the boats glistened with frost.

Here are the results.

1. Are they comfy?  In the words of a well known TV dog, "Ooooh Yes!" Very.
2. Do they keep your feet warm? Yes.
3. Warmer than normal thick socks and a pair of slippers?  Not massively but yes, and more comfy.
4. Any downsides?  Too bulky to wear shoes or slippers with, but I bet they'd be brilliant inside a pair of loose fitting wellies.

Recommended?  Yes, as long as you don't want to wear them inside close fitting shoes.  For lolling around with your feet up they are what we thermal footwear scientists call "The Biz"


Anonymous said...

I have to dissagree with Neil - they are much warmer than a pair of socks with slippers! Much cosier. I put mine on as I got out of bed each day and only took them off to put on shoes when I went out, or got back into bed. I had first used them as soon as we got to the boat when the floor was freezing and I didn't feel it at all!
Kath (nb Herbie)

Anonymous said...

Oh Kath, the new socks have done Neil out a job.....

Everyone knows that the paramount purpose of a husband is to warm his wife's freezing feet when she gets into bed!

Well, that's what Richar think anyway....

Sue, nb Indigo Dream