Monday, January 31, 2011

On choosing friends wisely in order to get your plumbing done.

No posts recently because I've been busy with non boaty things like fiddling with my new camera, teaching someone to play mountain dulcimer, and all that stuff.  But tomorrow I have a boaty job on hand.

Despite my advanced age I have never done any real plumbing, apart from attaching a washing machine and minor tasks of that ilk.  Now I'm going to have a go at installing a new drinking water tap and an under sink filter.  It ought to be easy because Herbie uses simple plastic plumbing fittings.  However I have to cut a neat hole in the stainless steel sink surround.  Hole saw?  No chance.  Drill?  Would probably put a dent in the sink.  There is a proper tool for the job, sometimes called a tank cutter but where do you get one in a hurry?  Simples.  Just ring Pete.

I choose my friends wisely.  As well as being a fine chap and a member of our band Prank, Pete has a sideline in buying and selling tools and has a huge collection of tools and machinery.  It's like having your own personal ironmonger. "Yes " says Pete, "Just pop over and I'll look out a selection for you."  I don't know yet what size I need because although I have seen a tap I like, it don't have any measurements for it. So in my pocket I now have a small assortment of tank cutters.  One of them should be the right size.

This is the point where I write " It should be simple now, nothing can go wrong." but for me, DIY usually takes ten times longer than estimate so I expect it will take a couple of days and five trips to Wicke's for bits I didn't know I needed.  I'll try to remember to make a photographic record to show you later.

While I'm on the subject of cameras, my new one is teaching me a lot of lessons, and giving me surprises.  However, I now take Granny Buttons advice, which is not to talk about two different topics in one post, so you'll have to wait to see what the surprises are.

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