Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unmothballing - counting chickens?

Pretending that the worst of the winter is past might be seen as foolhardy, but the plan tomorrow (Wednesday) is to dewinterise Herbie and stay aboard for 2 nights to get her out of hibernation.  Even the prop will get a spin and the rudder a waggle as we motor down to the winding hole to turn her round.  It takes about an hour to do the round trip so she should be fully awake by the time we have finished.  We'll even have a tank of hot water as long as the calorifier tank hasn't sprung a leak because of ice.

The questions is, have we jumped the gun? There's plenty of time for another deep freeze before the winter is out.  No matter, I've got the winterising down to quite a fine art now and if the weather turns very cold again it'll only take me an hour or so to put Herbie back to sleep.

As if the excitement wasn't already enough, we plan to get some exercise by walking into Slough.  Deep joy.

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Anonymous said...

You'll be ok - I'm sure that the days are lengthening - there was just enough light at 5pm for me to see that I had a puncture (car). And at 4am, when the dogs woke me up, there was a dawn solo with one bird twittering away merrily.

Those swallows will be out before you know it :-)

Sue,nb Indigo Dream