Sunday, January 02, 2011

Things I will do in 2011, er, perhaps, if I get time, maybe

I'm not much of a one new year's resolutions.  They tend to be behavioural - eat and drink less, exercise more, be kind to plastic cruiser owners etc etc.  I'm more drawn to deciding on a few things I would like to get done in the coming year.  This can take several forms

a) The fantasy dream method - think up some impossibly optimistic target like cruising entire the Birmingham Canal Network in a week and never get round to even attempting it because it all seems too hard.

b) The fantasy list method - draw up a list of jobs, all individually possible but too many to actually achieve, and then fail to prioritise them so that nothing ever gets started.

c) The Bunnage method (after Rick)  - plan some ambitious DIY project in minute detail using spreadsheets that tell you precisely when you will finish.  e.g. completely overhaul, repaint and rewire the engine bay finishing at 3.47 pm on May 19th at a cost of £386.29p.  To give Rick credit, this works fairly well for him although it does mean he often has to say "I can't come out to play today.  The spreadsheet won't let me."

d) The realist (resignation/procrastination) method  " I would like to repaint the inside of the water tank, but it's such a ghastly job, I'll probably put it off another year."

e) The realist ( simplification) method - as d) above but adding "I'll install a water filter instead, because it's a lot easier."

I usually start off with a) and b), work through d) and finally end up with e).

For the coming year my fantasy dream would be to have Herbie stretched to fit in a dinette area.   It'll never happen, so how about

b) fantasy list. Build a dinette where the existing galley table is.  Lay new flooring throughout the boat.  Refurb the engine bay.  Adjust the tappets in the engine.  Add a fourth leisure battery and redo the battery cabling. Polish the boat monthly.

c) No spreadsheets

d) exactly as d) above

e) Hmm now I'm feeling under pressure.  I'll do a couple of the easier ones in b), perhaps fit a water filter and (cleverly) consult and plan on the big jobs like reflooring and galley refurb with a view to doing one of them:

: in the fullness of time                        )
: as circumstances permit                   )  pick any one
: in due course                                   )
:when I have time to spare                 )


Rick said...

Sadly, the some of the jobs on my autumn spreadsheet did not get completed because of the inclement weather. These will now have to be carried over to next autumn as I have now started on the spreadsheet of winter jobs.

Anonymous said...

Neil, sounds like you need to get out more! Oops, says she when we're all stuck fast...

As you may or may not know plans never work out for us either, I'd say on average we hover somewhere around plan D... But then again we're used to it now, it's even accepted as norm lol

Takey Tezey

Vallypee said...

New Year's resolutions are just made to be broken, Neil. Mine is to spend the next six months at least away from the Internet to finish writing my book, finish a thesis, have my barge out of the water for the usual, start sewing and painting again (things I used to do before blogging) and reacquaint myself with places like the theatre and art galleries...all of which have suffered since broadband internet came into our lives.

So, on that note, I would just like to wish you substantial success in keeping your ..hmm...shall we say... goals together, and I will look forward to dropping in now and then just to see what you are up to. Have a great 2011! My blog is being battened down and put into storage for the foreseeable future.

Neil Corbett said...


Thanks. I shall miss your comments and admire your willpower in keeping off the web, although it sounds like you intend to get plenty out of life in the meantime.