Sunday, January 16, 2011

Warming up the boat, and a secret weapon for warm feet

Today I've been splitting logs and cutting kindling.  Can this mean we are soon to leave the comforts of home and stay aboard Herbie for a day or two?   I'll give that a provisional "yes".  We haven't slept aboard since before the Big Freeze and although it's now a lot warmer, Herbie will take a bit of warming through.  We always reckon it takes a day with the log stove on to warm up the fabric of the boat after a long lay off.

This time I have a secret weapon.  So secret that I'll tell the world about it now.  Heat Holders Socks.

In truth it's an untested (by me) weapon, but I have a family testimonial.  Our liveaboard son Richard, mysteriously known to everyone except us as Ralph, actually gave me a pair of these socks as a birthday present.  Now you should understand that this is not a common event.  Richard doesn't do birthdays, in fact he doesn't have anything to do with Christmas either, so this is a rare and special event, meaning that he really likes these socks.  In an email to me he writes "I know I don't have the best birthday acknowledgement record in the known universe, but this year I have the discovery of Heat Holders 2.3 tog thermal socks to share with the world.  I thought it wise to get mum a pair as well, otherwise you might find yours missing from time to time.

One slight word of caution though.  I know a couple of other people have them and washing results have been varied.  Obviously none of us bothered to read the instructions but I would suggest not tumble drying them to prevent bobbling.

I am convinced that these have made a real difference to my winter so far.  Despite the marina being frozen since November, I've been fairly comfortable so far this winter and I don't think I'm getting any tougher in my old age!"

Later this week I'll put them to the test and report back.  Of course everyone will say "I wish you had mentioned these before the Big Freeze and not after."  Don't blame me, blame Richard.  Or Ralph.

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Halfie said...

They should work - they look like exhaust pipe lagging! I often have cold feet, I just keep putting on extra pairs of socks ...