Sunday, December 17, 2017

Best Alternative Mooring Near a Hotspot plus a quiz

So to the last Herbie Award before the intermission where you can get a drink or a bite to eat at one of our mystery canalside eateries in the Christmas picture quiz, then for afters, a few more places to identify.

I enjoyed thinking about our Alternative Moorings Near Hotspots, nearly as much as I enjoyed using them, and I’d use them all again, but I think the best find was the one that I have passed many times without realising what a good place it was to stop, so the winner is

Stoke Bruerne Brick Pits

Plenty of room to moor, only a very short stroll to the village, pubs etc and right outside the boat that lovely rough nature reserve to have a wander round, and you get to meet the highland cattle too.  I think we’re likely to moor there for preference in future. (Kathryn take note).

And so to the promised picture quiz.  In a desperate attempt to find something that Adam (our unbeaten Herbie quiz champion) might not recognise, I’ve included at least one that had me stumped for a while, and I took the picture! In one or two of them you might need to click on them to see them larger for the detail

First three canalside eateries for you to identify starting with perhaps the easiest for anyone who has been there.

1. Here’s Kath having a cuppa and waiting for some yummy grub.  Where is she, and for an extra bonus point, what might she be reading (you don’t need the exact title because I can’t remember that.)

qc (1 of 1)

2.  A nice little canalside tea garden popular with Sunday strollers. Where is it?

qf (1 of 1)

3. Here’s my (probably forlorn) hope of catching Adam out.  Where’s this?

qg (1 of 1)

Enough to eat?  Now while you digest that, here are a few more teasers.

4. Here’s Grace on a boat.  What piece of water is she on?  Beware, I’m going to be fussy about the answer.

qd (1 of 1)

5. What canal is this?

q4 (1 of 1)

6. Here’s a CRT designated Visitor Mooring – for what town

qa (1 of 1)

7. Strangely, this one had me stumped for a while, but it’s a place I’ve been to on numerous occasions.  Where is it?

qb (1 of 1)

Can anyone beat Adam to it? (Sorry Adam I’ve put you on the spot there.) I won’t comment on answers or comments until a few people have had a go – he might be wrong.


Anonymous said...

Question 4
You say you are going to be fussy, so.....
Swashway rather than the Solent?
NB 'Red Wharf'
(and Ryde resident)

KevinTOO said...

Photo No.6
Well I'm hoping that it is the moorings (bird sanctuary) on Bankside at Southall, the lighthouse looks familiar :)
Looks like Adam is keeping his powder dry for a while... LOL

Anonymous said...

Here is my attempt at answering your quiz.

Question 1. Gongoozler's Rest narrowboat café at Braunston. I don't know what is being read, it looks like a society or parish magazine.

Question 2. Fern's tea room gardens at Denham lock.

Question 3. The Narrowboat Café at Waltham Abbey.

Question 4. Stretch of water between Haslar and Gilkicker point. I always knew this as Spit Sand, although, from the picture I reckon the ferry (Cat.)is close to going onto Spithead.

Question 5. A drain that runs past Botolph Bridge Near West Hythe and connected to the Royal Military Canal in Kent. Looks like the RHDR train is about to cross the bridge.

Question 6. Southall.

Question 7. End of the Arm at Braunston Marina alongside the dry and wet docks.

Regards Terry M - NB Midnight Owl