Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Best Boatyard Technical Service Award plus last call for quiz answers

I told that aircraft carrier captain he should have tightened the stern gland.  Schoolboy error.  I thought of popping down to Pompey with some quarter inch packing but I’m a bit busy with Christmas and the Awards and all that.  No sets of answers to my quiz yet.  Either it was too hard or people are keeping their powder dry.  I’ll make this the last call. Answers tomorrow.

I know it’s off topic but I thought I would share this next picture with you.  It’s my car roof in yesterday morning’s frost.

frost (1 of 1)

Isn’t nature wonderful?  A touch of William Morris about it I thought.

Anyway, enough dilly dallying – on with the show.  Sometimes we have a category for which there can only be one nomination, a bit like Theresa May’s coronation only in this case not yet beset by subsequent ill fortune.

After a couple of good recommendations, we took Herbie all the way down to Heyford Fields Marina (That’s the Heyford near Bugbrooke on the GU, not the one on the Oxford) to get our Eberspacher sorted.  Eberspachers are complicated little gubbinses and we didn’t want anyone messing with ours if they didn’t know what they were doing.  Well Dave of Boating Leisure Services, who operate at Heyford Felds certainly did know what he was doing and sorted us out pronto.  Not only that but in talking us through the start up sequence he demonstrated an in depth knowledge of how these things work. And then after fixing the fault and when I asked him if the device should now be dismantled and serviced he said that his diagnostics showed that it wasn’t in need of it so he wouldn’t waste our money.  While he was there he was telling us about some of the other technical stuff they get up to down there and it became clear they they are a highly skilled team, whether it be on electrics, engine work or other boat building stuff.  Not only that, they were pleasant and accommodating too. We will definitely try to use them in future.  So our

Herbie Award for Best Boatyard Technical Service

goes to

Boating Leisure Services.

Consider this a recommendation!

I’m off to the London CRT volunteers Christmas Bash at the Canal Museum this evening.  If I pick up any nuggets I’ll pass them on.  I’m keeping the Fish and Chip supper to myself though.

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