Monday, December 04, 2017

Herbie Awards Box Office Open

Blimey, I just noticed it’s December already!  What happened to November?  Anyhow, it all means that as the length of the days dwindle to a pitiful few hours of half light and we all start to suffer from SAD, it’s time to cheer ourselves up.   Yes, forget the Prosecco and eschew the Cava*, now’s the time to break open the bottle of the real Bolly you’ve been saving up, splash on the Channel 5 or the David Beckham, dig out the diamonds and take your seats for the years most glittering event – well alright, this blog’s most glittering event.  Yes, it’s the

The Eleventh Annual Herbie Awards.

starting tomorrow!!!


More critical than Craig Revel Horwood, more passionate than Bruno Tonioli, more glamorous than Darcey Bussell and more knowledgeable than that new lady whatsername, we look back over Herbie’s year to find the loveliest places, the yummiest grub, the biggest bargains, the handiest gadgets and all that other stuff I haven’t thought of yet. Will anything get a perfect 10?

Can you believe we’ve been doing this for eleven years?  This year we take the opportunity to include a couple of new categories.  On Herbie did a few things a bit differently in 2017, especially on our longest outing, when instead of crashing on and putting in long hours and more miles, we took time to explore “off piste”. So we’ll have an award for worth while walks when moored up.  Let’s have separate ones for urban and  rural.

This year we managed to fit in a fair few pub quizzes, although of course we never win any because of the dreaded popular culture questions.  Why don’t they have questions on unpopular culture?  We might get somewhere then.  Anyway, I reckon we could give an award for Best Pub Quiz, so we’ll do that.

Of course we have to find Best Pub/food/drink, Best On-board Gadget, Best Guest Crew Member, Best Day’s Cruise and more.

Plus, if that isn’t enough to keep us happy, in the intermission, while you recharge your drinks and powder your noses, We’ll have a picture quiz.

So tomorrow we’re straight in with our first set of nominations for Best Canalside Pub Grub.  Admission is free and there’s room for all.  See you then.

*Now that I’m a professional author (I made about £2.50 this year), I thought I ought to aim for spot of alliteration there, but despite consulting a Thesaurus, I couldn’t find words meaning reject or expel or whatever starting in P and C.  Feel free to recommend alternatives. Cast off the cava? Pitch the Prossecco?


Vallypee said...

Aha, I've been wondering when the Herbie Awards would begin. They are the only annual awards I pay any attention to! Looking forward to this year's results!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I almost missed the Herbie awards (runs breathlessly to the computer) - I'll just adjust my tiara, there, I'm ready to catch up......

Sue, nb Indigo Dream