Thursday, November 26, 2009

Contortionist wanted

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Wickes are selling hot water tank insulating jackets for under a fiver, subsidised under some green scheme or other. Anyway I bought one to put over Herbie's calorifier tank so that the hot water stays hot for longer, and today I attempted to fit it.

The trouble is the tank is at the back of the engine bay sandwiched between a bulkhead corner and the engine. It's surrounded by pipes and cables, encircled by a retaining chain, and quite close to the alternator. The insulating jacket (too big really for this size of tank) comes in four panels that you have to lace together and encircle the tank. And of course you have to do all this with your body squeezed into the tiny space at the side of the engine.

I got two of the panels on and one is dangerously close to the alternator. Nothing is ever simple is it? I'll go back next week with some sticky tape and something flexible to push round the back of the tank to feed a tie round.

I will not be beaten.

Well, I might:-)

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Vallypee said...

You will prevail!! How's the table, or have I missed the final installation?