Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reberth of Herbie

No that's not a spelling mistake, Herbie does have a new berth. Cruelly evicted from our spot alongside Lady Elgar due to the arrival of Geoff's new widebeamer Amy, we now nestle up against Humbug.
So we move from one well known boat to another. Lady Elgar has a book, Living the Dream about her earlier exploits and Humbug was the subject of a double page spread in September's Canal Boat magazine. Humbug's owner Glynn wrote up her tale of restoring this old springer cruiser to the pretty boat she now is. This was her first boat and she has done pretty much all the work herself, including a full repaint, so we're looking forward to getting some tips.

Sad though we are to leave our old spot, the new one has its advantages. Much nearer the car park, and not under a tree, so maybe stains like this

on Herbie's roof will be a thing of the past.

We watched Amy being craned into the water yesterday and I even hitched a ride on her as Geoff steered her to her berth. I'll leave Geoff to give you the details when he finds time to write up his blog, but meanwhile here is the proud skipper at the helm of his new home

and Laura looking very excited, unlike baby Lilly who was stangely unmoved by the affair and slept through the launch. Kids today -thay have no stamina do they!


saltysplash said...

great write up Neil, knowing how much you miss the tree, Laura says she'll bring you down some leaves so you can scatter them for effect.

Vallypee said...

It looks as if your new berth is much busier, but that might just be a trick of the lens. Love the title here ;-) Nice to see pic of Geoff at is new helm! I'mlooking forward to seeing more pics of their new acquisition.

Simon said...

and no more battling for control of the electricity point! ;-)

I paid a quick visit to Amy the other day - impressive, although I did feel I could get my hwole boat in their living room... ;-)