Friday, November 06, 2009

Literal lateral thinking and the power of patronage

Choose your friends wisely. That's what they say and I must be very wise because my friends are a real boon.

Just lately I've been struggling over the design for a folding table in Herbie's saloon, and in a single sentence of the blindingly obvious, Pete has cracked the problem.

Opposite the sofa bed is a radiator which has at the top and a bit in front, a horizontal bar. The sort of thing you might hang a towel or a shirt on to dry. My idea is to hang a table top from it, so that you could swing the table up to the horizontal and drop down a couple of folding legs to support the side near the sofa. Simple. - Except that the required length of the legs is too much to fold up.
They would tangle with the bar. I was stumped.

"Well", says Pete, "fold them the other way - across the width of the table. There's loads of room if you do that."In the immortal worlds of my hero, "Doh!"
Why didn't I think of that. Sometimes I'm so dumb.

I've ordered some really neat locking leg hinges and I'm ready to make the table. I promise some photos when I do.

On the power of patronage: My usual readership is about 40 people a day, but this week my post on Brush Mate was picked up and quoted by both mega bloggers Granny Buttons and Mortimer Bones. The result - 130 hits one day and 57 the next! Well everyone is supposed to be famous for 15 minutes.


saltysplash said...

Sometimes the simplest solution stares us in the face, but we always look for the most complicated.
having spent quite a few hours in Ikea this week, they do a drop down table which bolts to the cabin side. looks quite good

Mo said...

You can thank Granny B for this comment. I've used the small BrushMate box for three years now and found the refill pad lasts well over a year. Best thing I ever did, haven't cleaned a brush in all that time (apart from varnish) and cut my paintbrush purchase bill to zero.
I'm surprised so few people know about BrushMate, perhaps its because they only sold them in specialist decorating suppliers.