Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Table success

My new folding table design for Herbie works a treat. We installed it at the weekend and it fitted perfectly except I've decide to trim an inch off one side to make more sitting room. Folded away it takes virtually zero space and the legs are completely concealed.

Erection takes five seconds and it sits as solid as a rock without any movement even if you try to wiggle it. All I need to do now is to affix some trim to the edges.

As one who habitually came bottom of the class in school woodwork lessons, I feel I have turned a small corner. Next a new removable window for the side hatch.
A big day tomorrow - Herbie will be moved to a new berth as Geoff and Laura replace Lady Elgar with Amy. We still haven't been told where they will put us but we've been dropping hints as to where we'd like to be. We aim to be there ready to watch Amy being craned into the water while Geoff's heart will no doubt be in his mouth:-)


Halfie said...

Looks very good, Neil. Have you left a gap when up so that heat can escape the radiator?

Neil Corbett said...

We almost never use the rads, which are heated by Eberspacher. The solid fuel stove is much nicer, and cheaper too.