Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Table

Herbie's new folding table is nearly finished. All that remains to do is fix some hardwood banding on the edges put some filler over the countersunk screw heads, and apply a coat of varnish on the underside. Tomorrow we'll try to install it on the boat to see if it is any good !

If it works it will give us a sizeable table when erected, but as it will hang under a shelf when folded it will take up virtually no living space when not in use.

Dimensions have been absolutely critical due to the space it has to fit, but the clever bit is the folding leg hinges which lock into place when either fully up or fully folded.

Here you see the underside with one leg up and one folded.

The clips along the edge will clip over a rail suspended under a shelf below the gunwales. They will (I fervently hope) support the whole table when folded and the rear edge when erected.
The perceptive reader may ask why the legs are in such odd positions. It's all to do with where we sit and where our legs are. It remains to be seen if we have them right ;-) The top currently looks rather like a rectangular piece of varnished plywood, which is what it is.

It'll all make more sense when we can photograph it in place in the boat. By then I hope to have corrected the light balance setting on the camera so everything doesn't look yellow.

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Vallypee said...

A very nifty design Neil. A demonstration of the creativity needed when maximising space on a boat!