Saturday, June 04, 2011

All down hill from here.

A bit more on the Welford Arm now that I have the photos loaded.

Herbie (looking rather splendid I thought|) waits its turn to descend the only lock of our trip earlier this week.
A boat emerges with the crew looking strangely pleased with themselves while Kath and Grace man the lock gate.

Here, we were at the very highest point of the Grand Union system, not far from the source of the river Avon (or should I day a river Avon as there are so many of them - anyway it's the Warwickshire  / Shakespeare one that wends its way down through Stratford and through my original home at Evesham). I digress.

A lot of the Welford Arm looks lush and leafy

and after the lock there are some fine 14 day moorings

Before you reach a small marina and then the basin with 24hr moorings and the Wharf Inn.  Excuse me while I beat myself up for not taking any photos of the marina and the basin.

As you can see, if you find yourself up on the Leicester Arm of the GU, the short detour to Welford is a must, and not only because it has the only pub for miles and miles and miles.


Andy Tidy said...

Neil, Its a lovely little arm - a real gem.

Halfie said...

Neil, I haven't forgotten your photos - just about to go out - will try to do it later ...

Vallypee said...

Gorgeous! I am endlessly envious!