Monday, June 13, 2011

Kath wins a prize!

As Kath put the finishing touches to her Creative Textiles for her course's end of year exhibition in Portsmouth (then we're  free to go boating) and I put the finishing touches to Herbie's new roof box, we received a little bit of unexpected good news to relieve our respective last minute nerves.  Kath has won a free two year subscription to Waterways World!

At the Crick show lots of stalls had a competition to win a prize.  You had to answer a simple question like "which canal goes from London to Birmingham" or such like.  I expect it was a good way of building up address books of potential customers.  You never think you are going to win one of these things do you - but Kath did.  Well done her.  Now I can read the monthly jottings of Andrew Denny and co in WW as well as our usual dose of Adam and co in Canal Boat.  You know what they say -"If you don't enter you can't win."

I have still never bought a ticket for the National Lottery though.  It makes me laugh when people buy extra tickets when it's a roll over - as if ten million quid isn't worth the bother, but twenty million is.


Vallypee said...

Congratulations to Kath! I have just been reading some old issues of WW that Anne and Oll on the Wandering Snail gave me. Okay so they're from 2008, but still make good reading in the bath:)

Roger Smith said...

You are right about don't enter etc. But you should always check what the prizes are, some you don't want to win.

Many years ago I used to go to the Game Fair and would usually buy raffle tickets from various stands. On this occasion I fancied a couple of the lower prizes, I went back for some reason & found to my horror that instead I had won the top prize of a full bore hunting rifle.

Lots of hassle.