Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Round the bend in Braunston

Things are beginning to look a bit crazy in Braunston.  The big old boats are arriving for the historic boat rally at the weekend, and they are already moored three abreast along the main drag.  Arriving in late morning we picked our way through what was left of the canal width and managed to hit nothing as we passed.

A quick wave to Jim and Sarah on Chertsey as we came through. Jim seemed to be busy slapping black paint on the top of gunwales - in the rain! - how desperate is that?

Of course there is nowhere for us to moor within the main bit so we now find ourself in a pleasant spot round the bend and "behind" the village. From this angle, you can't help comparing Braunston with Napton.  In both cases the village sits high on a hill while the canal sweeps round in an arc.  Once out of the busy, boaty bit, the Braunston hill has ridge and furrow pastures just like Napton. 

I would imagine that a lot of people who come to Braunston to look at boats or to shop at the chandleries  or visit the workshops never see this bit.  Climbing up the hill towards the church, and looking back down across the canal the view is very fine indeed.  Look, there's Herbie on a sheep's back.

Looking north we see the canal meandering towards Rugby, but that won't be until after the weekend.

This is the second day of our cruise, and we are taking it at a leisurely pace.  Yesterday took us through the Crick tunnel and down the Watford lock staircase.  Some see the staircase as an obstacle.  We see it as a treat.  Everyone seems to muck in together to help others through and the lock keepers keep order and prevent queue jumping.  I was enjoying it too much to remember to take pictures, save this one looking up out of one of the locks.  Deep innit?

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Anonymous said...

I remember thinking the same thing about Napton when I was moored up in that spot too! Very peaceful away from the thronging towpath wanderers along the lock stretch.
I also remember making my way back to the boat there on a Sunday, after a couple of days away. I had to walk across country from Rugby as there were no buses running!