Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moored near Will's Mother on The Coventry Canal

Tonight we look out of the window and see this.

Looking backwards past Herbie we see this.

Not a lot of distinguishing features then, but it's very pleasant anyway.

There's an old Bedfordshire saying when dark clouds loom over in the distance.  "It looks a bit black over Will's mum's".  Alternatively, a long detour or diversion might prompt you to say "I had to go all round Will's mother's to get there".  It seems that Will's mum lives somewhere indefinable over yonder from wherever you are.  So tonight I reckon we're near her place as we don't seem to be near anywhere else.

Today we made a slow descent of the 11 Atherstone Locks.  I'd almost forgotten what locks looked like, there are so few up here.  We had to queue for every one despite it being so rural.  This seems to be a deservedly popular canal.  What I did manage to do was perfect my skills at leaping across the open lower lock gate to save walking round.  It seems easier on some canals than others.  Maybe the gate designs are different.

Fazeley junction tomorrow then on to Hopwas where we might meet up with Sue and Richard on Indigo Dream if we're lucky.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

They say that in Suffolk as well

Roger Smith said...

But in Derbyshire it's Bill's mothers where all the black clouds lurk.

When do you expect to get to Fradley?

Eddie said...

I'm from Coventry and often heard my mum use that saying, but i thought she was talking about my gran as my dads name was William (Bill).

Martin said...

Bill' mother's in Lincolnshire too.

Neil Corbett said...

Still deciding when to move on, might have a day off today. Might stop at Fradley tomorrow but have heard it gets very busy. Are you on a boat Roger?

Anonymous said...

Hello NB Herbie.

Nice to chat this afternoon. Have left a comment for Indigo Dream on their blog. Forgot yo ask your names but hope to see you up the cut again.

Happy boating

NB Ketura

Vallypee said...

It looks lovely and peaceful wherever it is. I am quietly envious!

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Oh gorgeous England! Thanks for fix Neil. Les and I (NB Valerie) are fraying at the edges to be quit of America, and all the encumbrances involved. If I were a wild animal I'd chew off my leg to leave this country and head back to the U.K. I hope we catch up on the cut with NB Herbie sometime.