Friday, June 24, 2011

Things to see at Braunston

First I couldn't resist showing you this, spotted yesterday evening.  No doubt who is top dog at Braunston.

As for the rest of our time here, what a treat! Fans of old boats here think they've died and gone to heaven. All day we have had a procession of historic narrowboats  chugging past Herbie on their way into the centre of Braunston for the rally which starts tomorrow.  They must stop soon, because there won't be any more room.  The little service arm at the marina is absoloutely crammed with gorgeous old boats

and on the main line outside they are now moored up to six abreast.  This picture shows the front line where they seem to put some of the smaller boats.

Behind them the queue goes back several hundred yards.

Tomorrow are the first of the display processions and we hope to be in it! Not on Herbie of course, she ain't historic yet.  But Sarah has kindly offered us a ride on Chertsey when her turn comes to show off.  She gave us a mini tour of the boat today, and although the restoration is not totally finished, it's a great boat.  Standing on the counter at the rear, it feels like a supertanker!

There are other things to see here too. Last night at the marina, we watched the play by DayStar theatre.  I had heard of them before and supposed they were a sort of Mikron theatre imitation.  But no, they are quite different and quite brilliant.  I can't go into all the twists and turns of the comedy thriller plot, but suffice it to say that two actors acted the six parts and one of them also wrote the play which kept us all rapt throughout.   They normally tour rural locations - should you get a chance to see them, then don't miss it.

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