Sunday, December 09, 2012

Picture Quiz – round 1 answers, round 2 questions

While we continue our Herbie Awards intermission, we go on with the picture quiz.

I have a feeling that yesterday’s questions might be only answerable by boaters and regular boating blog readers, but I guess many of you are.  So here are the answers.

1. Only boat blog readers will get this. The duck in the picture is in the white circle below.  Amy of the Lucky Ducks


2. Only boaters who have done certain staircase locks will know this one.  After winding the red paddle, Grace has to wind the white paddle.  “Red before White and you’ll be alright”

3. It’s Stratford Upon Avon.

Did anyone get all three? Or were they too hard? I’d love to know.

Let’s see if today’s three are any easier. All about London landmarks seen from the Thames.

4. Here are two blog writers, each having separate blogs featured on my links list on the right of Herbie’s blog.  Clicking the photo up big might help.

IMG_1354 (1024x683)

Where are they?  And for bonus marks, Who are they?

5. I took this next photo on the Jubilee Pageant rehearsal. This very brave/mad chap is working on a new but well known structure.  Where / what is it?  The bottom right hand corner might give a clue.

IMG_1301 (1024x683)

6. An easier one for non boaters

Can you name architects of two of the buildings in this picture?

IMG_1389 (1024x684)


Jim said...

I can only claim 2 out of 3 for round 1. (My guess for No.3 was Worcester!)

Anonymous said...

We're exempting ourselves from this competition as they're all ID photos!

Shame - it's the only time I'd ever guess a mystery photo quiz - I'm so rubbish at them ;-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Ian and Karen said...

Got all 3 on 1st round, not so sure about 2nd round, will keep thinking.