Saturday, April 20, 2013

Chav Alert

Well that was spring. I hope it wasn't summer too, but it was a lovely day. Apparently we're back to normal tomorrow.

Our journey from Cropredy to Banbury was idyllic part from the fact that the Cropredy canoe club was out in force. Canoodlers everywhere. After them the most common animal life seemed to be green woodpeckers, we could hear them yaffling all along the route.

I suppose it was the fine weather that brought out the procession of yoofs strolling along the town centre moorings here in Banbury. Hundreds of 'em. I think they may have been going to and from Spiceball park. Anyway, had Jeremy Kyle, been here he could have got loads of good participants for his show. I began to wonder if mooring here on a Saturday night was a good idea, but as I write this at a quarter to eleven its all quiet. Fingers crossed.

Here's grainy picture I took with the iPad a few minutes ago.

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Vallypee said...

I hope you survived the night, Neil and Kath!